Discovery phase

this is a pre-project study: we will analyze the market, fix the boundaries of the product, visualize the solution and help you faster 
 recoup the investment.
this is a pre-project study: we will analyze the market, fix the boundaries of the product, visualize the solution and help you faster 
 recoup the investment.
Analyze market competitors
Identify technical requirements
Determine project boundaries
Develop the interface solution
Map out the product launch plan
Provide key deliverables and give the presentation

The discovery phase is a step-by-step plan of how to build out the competitive product.

1.2–2 mil
Estimated cost

Make a solid product discovery before you invest millions in development.

45–60 days
Timeframe t

Assess project risks at the requirements stage.

80 %
Accuracy %

Apply for the service of the product launch plan with >80 % accuracy to get a faster return on investment.

We help validate the hypothesis and explain why it is not going to work. The key point is to assist you not to get disenchanted with the result.

I have no project, but there is an initial idea

  • We provide comprehensive analysis of the idea and identify the core value.
  • We define project boundaries.
  • You get a clear product vision with reference to the competitor analysis.
That’s what I need

I have no project, but there is the technical description

  • We bring in tech expertise to your solution, taking all the technical requirements into consideration.
  • We look into your case to figure out those areas in which we can optimize business processes and reduce costs.
  • You get a step-by-step launch plan.
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There is a project, but we are losing customers

  • We look into user experience, provide code audit as well as UI/UX audit.
  • We conduct in-depth analysis of the competitors and share our knowledge of the best practices with you.
  • You get a clue about where you should head for and how to win the audience.
That’s what I need

Redesign services

  • We create a design concept, which helps enrapture product users.
That’s what I need

Competitor analysis

  • We deeply engage into the industry analysis, compare competitors’ apps and give our expert opinion.
That’s what I need

Discovery Phase adaptable and cross functional

Optimal set of solutions for each product

Roadmap Client’s vision of product development over certain timeline: emphasize core elements of MVP and indicate stages of functionality enhancement.
Design concept Help with (UX/UI concept) application screens design based on the analysis of competitors’ apps, polling data and business objectives.
Project estimation Estimate project budget and its delivery time.
User Flow A chart or diagram showing the path a user will take. Helps identify user scenarios and create a map of transition between screens.
Mindmap A flowchart of your ideas or a conceptual map, which allows structuring ideas, requirements and project resources. The way to set up links and assign priorities.
Interactive prototype A clickable prototype which includes certain screens for demonstration on iOS and Android devices.
Opinion poll Hold opinion polls among users, confirm or refute the hypotheses through research results.
Competitor analysis Provide competitor analysis, determine the strengths and weaknesses of digital solutions as well as give our expert opinion.
Usability testing User-friendliness. Evaluate how easy or difficult users find a certain product.
Customer Journey Map Look into customer-product interaction from the very moment of client’s awareness of a certain need to further upcoming communication.
Integration requirements Develop system requirements for data exchange and create data flow diagrams.
Business process visualization Provide as-is process analysis, define project boundaries, differentiate responsibility and help avoid potential problems.
Use Case Usage scenario: describe the requirements under which a user interacts with the product.
Jobs To Be Done “Jobs to be done” or a theory about user behavior: unveil and forecast users’ true desires.
User Story Mapping User story mapping. Go into user’s interaction with the product and create new user stories.
Top-level architecture diagram Indicate components of the internal and external systems and their integration with each other.
Lean Model Canvas A business modeling tool which helps provide structured information about the future project on one page.
BRD (workflow rules) Business requirements document. Deliver initial cost estimate of the project and identify organizational risks.
Query system model Modeling of data storage structure and data flows based on generally accepted standards.
Service blueprinting Service blueprint: map out the new customer journey designed from a user-centered perspective.

Commercial bank of the Russian Federation

A commercial bank, one of the top ten in the country, approached us about creating an app for trading securities and other financial products.

"There is the idea for a large fintech product. We are captivated by ambitious plans, but we have quite a vague understanding of how to get started. In just one month, we have to properly present it to the board of directors and agree on the budget.
  • We conducted a competitor analysis, outlined the integration requirements, prepared a design concept as well as estimated the project budget and timeline for the MVP.
  • We focused on the minimum level of service and user-friendly interfaces that the potential user in the trading market got used to.
  • Once the key deliverables of the discovery phase were presented, the client decided to postpone the launch of the new project within their ecosystem as a competitive product turned out to require more investments.

International chain of hypermarkets

An international chain of hypermarkets reached out to us to look into the project of building a new sales channel. Due to extremely competitive market, the product was supposed to be launched within a very short time. It was important for the client not to break current user patterns.

“We want to launch an online store to get a new sales channel for our hypermarket. We need to launch it quickly because the market enforces us to do so. There is no understanding of how not to lose out to our competitors and what custom features we should include right away at the very start."
  • We did all the groundwork—analyzed competitors, looked into all touchpoints of customer-product interaction (CJM), mapped out a user flow diagram and prepared a clickable prototype user flow diagram and prepared a clickable prototype.
  • Based on the final deliverables of the discovery phase, the development of a new sales channel was put out to tender.

Oil and gas company

A major oil and gas company asked us to test a hypothesis of implementing a new loyalty system into their product.

"We would like to test a hypothesis and launch a fundamentally new product feature. We need to understand how it will integrate into our processes as well as have a clear vision of the concept of what it will look like."
  • We started by building out a mindmap to structure the ideas, requirements and resources of the project. Then we analyzed the competitors and identified the main user stories.
  • Based on the discovery phase deliverables, the company invited to a tender for the development of a loyalty system for its ecosystem with clear requirements and an elaborated design concept of the project.

Airport terminal in the Russian Federation

One of the largest airports in the country approached us for professional advice: to think out the architecture of the application and create a design concept.

"We intend to create an internal application for our employees. There is a great deal of data, the system is comprehensive, and the budget is limited. Please provide us with your vision of the "content" and how much it will cost".
  • Based on the results of the discovery stage, we identified the main functionality of the future product, which helps to quickly track, control and give assignments to employees.
  • Three weeks later, we presented an interactive prototype with simple and user-friendly interfaces and a detailed description of the top-level architecture.
  • The client used our report to justify the budget to the board of directors. As a result, the project was successfully approved.

Discovery Phase is a bridge between the product concept and its technical implementation